About Company

Association «Dominanta» has assembled a team of professionals, specialists in their business, some of whom started their own activities at 80s of XX century.

We use many of our own unique but tested through decades methods and technologies which were created by people with highest scientist’s degrees from all continents of our world.

We are the team which is in love with its’ business, which receives an equal pleasure from both of the working process and from client's gratitude for the result, with strict rules of internal structure and following all the contracts and agreements conditions and of course - terms.

We have wide area of our business, but in which areas we did not apply our methods, we always go forward everywhere to state Dominantive supplied opinion and there are no grounds for this.

To Clients

Our company provides full complex of works and you do not need to look for someone else to fulfill stated goals

We will create technical task jointly, collaborate, discuss and, if necessary, will fulfill each stage together

We are looking for a long-term collaboration which strenthens primary result in terms of permanent control and necessary changes

Data collection using personal, electronical and integrated methods

Parallel monitioring of dynamic changes from different factors of outside influence

Work with direct finding of non-aveable specialists within the working group

Research analisys done by third-party organizations

Independent audit of projects realization done by third-party organizations

License agreements control, analisys of similarities and commonalities

Geography of works

Our company works all over the world
and neither we nor our clients stand or have grounds.


603000 Russian Federation, Nizhniy Novgorod, pereulok Kholodniy, d.10.

E-mail: office@opinionww.com

For telephone conversation please send a request on e-mail noting on which language do you want to start conversation.